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Dr Christopher Nguan

Dr Christopher Nguan is a Canadian board certified Urologic Surgery Specialist who has sub-specialty training in Advanced Minimally Invasive surgical techniques including daVinci robotic Surgery Systems, as well as Transplantation.  He is an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia – Department of Urological Sciences, Surgical Head of Kidney Transplantation at Vancouver General Hospital and the Director of the Surgical Technologies Experimental Laboratory & Advanced Robotics (STELLAR) facility at VGH.

His current clinical practice is based at the Diamond Health Sciences Center at VGH in Vancouver, and consists of a mixture of general Urology (UTI, stones, incontinence, cancer, reconstruction) and Kidney Transplantation.  Operating out of the Vancouver General, UBC, St Pauls and Mt St Josephs Hospitals, he serves the greater Vancouver community and beyond.

Dr. Nguan’s research interests are diverse and are categorized into two main divisions: Transplant related research and Medical Technology.  To improve donor organ availability and quality, and with generous support from UBC and the Department of Urologic Sciences, he works closely with primary collaborator Dr. Caigan Du at the Jack Bell Research Center to develop novel preservation and rehabilitation strategies for solid organ transplantation.


Dr. Nguan has been instrumental in developing inter-Departmental collaboration between the UBC Departments of Applied Science (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering), Computer Science, and Astronomy / Physics with the Department of Urologic Sciences to the tune of multimillion dollar Tri-Council supported research grant funding.  His primary collaborators include Drs. Tim Salcudean, Robert Rohling, Purang Abolmaesumi, and Mehdi Moradi from ECE, Dr Antony Hodgson from MECH, Dr Ezra Kwok from BIOMED, and Dr. Jon Nakane from ENGPHYS) amongst many other excellent investigators.  The current research focus is on image-guided surgery in the context of surgical navigation, multiparametric ultrasound based tissue interrogation and realtime multimodal image segmentation and registration.  The group owns and operates Canada’s only two dedicated daVinci research robots housed at STELLAR and UBC and enjoys an intimate research relationship with the worldwide leader in surgical robotics, Intuitive Surgical.

The overarching goal of Dr. Nguan’s personal and professional lives are to advance the health of the individual to their personal best.

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